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Analysis of mineral water caps

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Analysis of mineral water caps


Today, let's talk about mineral water bottle cap, although not eye-catching, but its market sales are bottle cap manufacturers can not be ignored. For some new plastic caps, in the process of blowing mineral water caps, from raw materials to assembly will encounter a lot of problems, we told the details today. First of all P we recommend to do mineral water cover best with low-pressure material grade 5000S and 7042 two kinds, other low-pressure material to do mineral water bottles easy to produce cracks. In addition, mineral water bottle cap in the assembly process will also appear rupture, this time, need to find the reason from the following aspects: first, PP material quality directly related to the quality of the finished product, secondary mineral water bottle cap easy to break. Secondly, the uneven pressure cap of the press is prone to cracks. Again, mineral water bottle mouth have a unified standard, the lid caliber and bottle mouth is not standard also easy to produce cracks. Then, when the cap is pressed, whether the temperature between the bottle cap assembly is too low, the temperature is too low, and the lid is easy to break. Then, the process in the production process of the cap does not meet the requirements. Finally, the cap of mineral water is too long, and the cap is easy to crack when the cap is pressed.




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