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  • Does the moisturizing spray bottle have a great effect on the moisturizing effect of the face? ?

    Many girls have the habit of using moisturizing sprays. The usage is also very simple and convenient. Just a gentle spray on the face can alleviate the various water shortages and dryness problems on our skin. It seems that many crushes are inseparable. Use a moisturizing spray to get skin care. How

  • How to fix the soap dispenser?

    How to fix the soap dispenser?Is your soap dispenser pump broken? The soap dispenser is a fairly reliable device. When you press the finger pump, the soap flows out of the nozzle and the pump automatically retracts for the next cycle. But sometimes there will be problems in the pump. When the pump i

  • Atomizing spray nozzle manufacturer to you introduction atomizing fan nozzle?

    What is the anatomy and assumption of the atomizing fan nozzle? Atomization aerosol nozzles architect introduces atomization fan nozzles? Atomizing aerosol nozzles are used. Today we are acclimated to introducing the characteristics and advantages of one of the atomizing fan nozzles in atomizing aer

  • Several factors affecting the transparency of PET transparent plastic bottles

    PET transparent plastic bottles are transparent packaging bottles and are the most widely used plastic packaging materials. It can be used for packaging of edible oils, condiments, alcohols, liquid detergents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other chemical products. The PET material has good transpar

  • What is the significance of packaging design?

    The so-called people rely on clothing, horses rely on the saddle, to be bright and attractive, they need good packaging. Of course, corporate culture and other products also need to rely on packaging, in order to better promote sales. So what is the significance of packaging design?

  • What is the preparation for the filling and packaging of cosmetics?(1)

    Cosmetic packaging! This name is the beginning of packaging materials really go to the consumer market, accept the end user inspection, but in this beginning to do a lot of preparation work belowPackage inspection before entering the workshop1, packaging materials collection, do not confuseCheck whe

  • IKEA-Yuyao Ruida's strategic partner

    IKEA-Yuyao Lucky Commodity Co., Ltd strategic partner

  • Do you know how to check out the quality problems of the coating parts?

    In cosmetics packaging material, surface treatment is a common process, because of environmental problems, lead to coating manufacturing once in trouble, but the process because the cost is low and the reason for the treatment effect is beautiful, is well received in the market and users, spraying p

  • How important is moisturizing in skin care?

    Moisturizing is the foundation of skin care. Any need for firmness and whitening should be placed after moisturizing.Taking a layer of water is usually the first step in skin care after cleansing. Filling the stratum Cuticle with water can promote the absorption of subsequent products. When the skin





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