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Does the moisturizing spray bottle have a great effect on the moisturizing effect of the face? ?

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Does the moisturizing spray bottle have a great effect on the moisturizing effect of the face? 

Many girls have the habit of using moisturizing sprays. The usage is also very simple and convenient. Just a gentle spray on the face can alleviate the various water shortages and dryness problems on our skin. It seems that many crushes are inseparable. Use a moisturizing spray to get skin care. However, using a moisturizing spray to skin care is really that simple? How much do you really know about moisturizing spray? In fact, we are familiar with the moisturizing spray, whether it is in use or in other aspects, there is a university question.

black moisturizing spray bottle

1. different skin types should choose different types of moisturizing spray bottles

Many crushers choose moisturizing sprays, they only choose moisturizing hydrating type. In fact, there are many types of moisturizing sprays. Different skin types of girls should choose different types of moisturizing sprays to care for their skin. For example, very sensitive skin, it is best to choose a moisturizing spray with soothing and calming function. Chamomile moisturizing spray and rose moisturizing spray are good choices for sensitive skin and eyebrows; if the skin is sunburned, the skin will be exceptional. Fragile, at this time, the girls can choose to use moisturizing spray to repair and improve the skin's immunity, in order to help the skin to moisturize and repair; in addition, if you work in front of the computer all day, you can also choose Help moisturizing spray against radiation and pollution. In short, different skin types should choose different moisturizing sprays to truly protect the skin!

2. not all moisturizing sprays are sprayed directly on the face

There are a lot of crushes when using the moisturizing spray, they will spray the moisturizing spray directly on the face. I think the moisturizing spray should be used like this. In fact, not all moisturizing sprays should be sprayed directly on the face, generally moisturizing spray. It can be sprayed directly on the face, but like the larger droplets and the repaired spray, this should be sprayed on the hands and then applied to the face, so that the skin will be more delicate.

3. Does the moisturizing spray need to be rubbed?

The general moisturizing spray is not to be wiped clean, just tap it gently and let the skin absorb it. However, if the girls use a hot spring water moisturizing spray, it is necessary to use a paper towel to dry, otherwise the skin will be taken away and become drier, because the hot spring water is generally not absorbed by the skin. The residual moisture left on the face will take away the moisture in the skin. Therefore, when using the moisturizing spray, the eyebrows should see the type and use it specifically.

4. Do you use moisturizing spray after skin care to clog your pores?

For the use of moisturizing sprays, there are concerns about the crush, that is, if we have applied a lot of skin care products on the skin, then will the moisturizing spray block the pores of the skin at this time? Beauty girls don't have to worry about this, because moisturizing spray can not only moisturize the skin anytime and anywhere, but also relieve skin pressure, fight against skin radiation and allergies, regulate skin water and oil balance, and increase skin protection. Therefore, even if the eyebrows have applied several layers of skin care products, they can still use the moisturizing spray to moisturize.




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