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Identification of safety of plastic bottles and containers

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Identification of safety of plastic bottles and containers

Now the market for beverage products its plastic packaging is basically pet plastic bottles, its maximum heat resistance of 70 degrees C, only suitable for the use of frozen drinks or warm drinks. If used to install high-temperature objects, it will deform, release harmful substances to human body. To avoid causing health problems.


Plastic materials are generally made of PC, PVC and other materials. And for PVC material plastic packaging is rarely used in food packaging, because when its high temperature, it will release harmful substances, and with food into the human body may cause breast cancer, newborn birth defects and other diseases. Bottles . . . and the safety of pIs in bottles are also currently controversial because of the presence of BPA, which is controversially released into food or drink without the plastic structure converted to a PC.

For bowl bubble noodle box, fast food box, because it contains PS, the advantage is that it is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, but can not be put into the microwave oven, because a high temperature will release the human body is not good polystyrene chemicals, easy to cause cancer. It is a microwave oven lunch box made of PP material, which can be reused after careful cleaning.




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