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Plastic bottle blow molding mold shape and processing process

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Plastic bottle blow molding mold shape and processing process 

First, plastic bottle blow molding mold shape

16-640-640Cad modeling of the whole machine is to use it for processing needs conditions, to deal with the whole machine to be processed, it is necessary to create the whole machine blank and the whole machine entity two entities. Enter Catia's MechanicDesign PartDesign module for a solid shape. Create 72x70x200 long square blank, then adopt the reverse transfer cut feature cut out the plastic bottle reverse spread overview s 60x120-24x10, inherit the creation of the whole machine blank 72x70x200.

After the realization of the whole machine modeling, check whether the blanks are properly the whole machine, the blanks and the whole machine inserted into the same coordinate system, the cladding blank can be completely coincident.

2, plastic bottle blow molding mold processing process plan

Process eludle and the situation of the knife road

The machine is a workpiece with a complex face, the cylindrical cone and its adjacent inverted round face have a large amount of cutting, so the process of processing is divided into three processes:

(1) Rough milling, the important purpose is to cut a large amount of material, so the larger cutting feed should be used, because the cutting force in the cutting process should be adopted down-milling, the pass plan for layered inward spiral (Inside Spiral) milling as shown in Figure 3 (a). Adoptinable spiral passes, in the cutting can be exempted from the air, so that all the shortest journey, reduce the processing help time, but also can be wrapped milling processing is always for cutting down-milling method.

(2) semi-fine milling, the important purpose is to remove the rough milling of the boss, for finishing preparation; To this end of the pass plan for the Go-to (Zig-Zag) milling, the purpose of the to-go label is along the plastic bottle axis marking purposes, as shown in Figure 3 (b): adopt edgy passes, in cutting can be free of space, reduce processing help time, while the quality of the process can be packaged milling.

(3) Fine milling, the important purpose is to iron cutting out the necessary face, the bag to reach the requested size, shape, status accuracy and profile quality; Such as Xu this process of the pass and semi-fine milling door completely vertical, can reach the best removal of the profile bump results. The adopted path plan is zig-Zag milling along the radial direction.




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