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What is density polyethylene in plastic bottle material?

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What is density polyethylene in plastic bottle material?

Plastic bottle material medium density polyethylene introduction, medium density polyethylene, is in the synthesis process with alpha olefins co-polymer, control density.

density polyethylene in plastic bottle material

In 1970, the United States with slurry system, its production synthesis process using LLDPE method. Alpha olefins commonly used propylene, 1-butene, 1-heen, l-cinene, etc. , the amount of their dosage affects the density size, generally. The amount of olefins is about 5% (quality score). On average, 20 methyl strands, or 13 ethyl strands, are introduced into an average of 1000 carbon atoms in the MDPE molecular master chain, and the change in performance varies depending on the number and length of the branch chain. Co-concentration increases the chain of connection between the small wafers of their crystals.

MDPE is characterized by environmental stress cracking and long-term retention of strength. The relative density of MDPE is 0. 926-0. 953, crystallization is 70%-80%, the average molecular volume is 200,000, the tensile strength is 8-24 MPa, the fracture elongation rate is 50%-60%, the melting temperature is 126-135 degrees C, the melt flow rate is 0. 1-35 g/10 min, thermal deformation temperature (0. 46 MPa) 49-74 degrees C.

MDPE can be used extrusion, injection, blow molding, rolling, rotation, powder molding processing methods, bottle production process parameters are similar to HDPE and LDPF, often used in pipes, films, hollow containers and so on.




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