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What kinds of hard materials are foam bottles?

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What kinds of hard materials are foam bottles?

Foam bottles: foam bottles can be divided into hard, semi-hard and soft foam.

124-640-640Hard foam bottle has no flexibility, compression hardness is very large, only to reach a certain stress value to produce deformation, stress relief can not be restored to the original;

Soft foam is flexible, compression hardness is very small, very easy deformation, stress relief can be restored to the original condition, residual deformation is small;

The flexibility of semi-hard foam and other functions are somewhere between hard and other soft foams. 

To sum up the above is the function and use of several plastic bottles, mainly about the material and application range of plastic bottles, plastic bottles in use should pay attention to things. When using plastic bottles of different properties, pay attention to different use functions and functions, in use in strict accordance with the process of use.




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