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Can plastic bottles be reused?

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Can plastic bottles be reused?

In daily life, some beautiful plastic bottles or some of the more rigid plastic bottles are often used by consumers again, such as for water or oil. However, such seemingly "re-use of greener" behaviors can actually put you in a health trap.


Food experts point out that people think they attach great importance to food safety, but often ignore the importance of plastic packaging of various foods. How to tell the material and quality of these beverages plastic bottles, water bottles, oil bottles and so on? The key is the recyclable triangle logo at the bottom of the bottle consisting of three arrows, and any number in the triangle from 1-7.

Consumers know little about plastic labels

It is understood that Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries all plastic production enterprises are in accordance with ISO1469 international standards on the classification of plastic products, not up to the standard of plastic products are not allowed to enter the market. As early as 1996, China introduced the "plastic packaging products recycling mark", some formal large-brand enterprises in order to facilitate the recovery of plastic products, have recently begun to label recycling signs. However, because the current plastic products label recycling mark is not mandatory, so many manufacturers do not have the beverage bottle material label.

Plastic logo is mainly for recycling, if consumers carefully read the label, but also through this logo can know what material the plastic products used are made of, should be used in what environment. But in fact, the publicity about this logo, whether government departments or enterprises are insufficient to invest in this, so that consumers' awareness of this is almost blank.

Not all plastic bottles can be reused

At present, widely used in the food industry plastic packaging is labeled 1 plastic bottles, such as drinking water, beverages, condiments, cooking oil and other plastic packaging are based on this. For different types of food, these plastic bottles are soft and hard and different, such as drinking water plastic bottles, its bottle body is generally relatively soft, and some functional drinks, etc. , its bottle body is relatively hard, although they are also used pet material.

In daily life, the most important use of these beverage bottles is to fill water, oil and so on. If the public usually go out sports, will use drink bottles on some boiling water, some bottles of more hard drinks filled with boiling water also no problem. Many citizens believe that the recycling of beverage bottles is more environmentally friendly, but some bottles are soft as soon as they pour boiling water into the water, deformed and cannot be used.

Experts pointed out that food-grade PET bottles can not withstand high temperature, must be used at low temperatures, generally under 70 degrees Celsius is safe to use. In addition, these plastic bottles are disposable, the state regulations enterprises can not recycle, not repeated filling use. At the same time, some experts have suggested that plastic bottle cleaning is more difficult, reuse will produce a large number of bacteria.

That is to say, the idea that the public has been using plastic bottles to be more environmentally friendly is actually wrong, and may even bury hidden dangers for good health. Therefore, it is necessary for every consumer to see the figures marked in the triangle at the bottom of the plastic bottle and make prudent and reasonable use of them while mastering the performance of their materials.




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