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China Continuous Spray Bottle Manufacture

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  • Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?

    Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?At present, the market of plastic bottles, a variety of plastic bottles have many, but the majority of consumers are also transparent plastic bottles of ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging containers, the vast m

  • What's the point of packing?

     At present, packaging has become a powerful marketing tool. Well-designed packaging can create convenient value for consumers and promotional value for producers. A variety of factors will promote the further development of packaging as a marketing tool in the application. As more and more products

  • PP bottles are such a big benefit to us?

    PP bottles are such a big benefit to us?First, PP bottle light weight, not easy to break, collision resistance, storage, transport convenience.Second, PP bottle chemical properties are stable, non-soluble, do not shed chips, and the liquid does not have a chemical reaction, no adsorption of the drug

  • Simple way to remove odor from food plastic bottles

    Simple way to remove odor from food plastic bottles1, plastic bottle production stageIn the production stage of plastic bottles, printing, extrusion compound, dry compounding and other processes will lead to the production of "odor". The performance is as follows:Residual solvent problems. A large n

  • Can plastic bottles be reused?

    Can plastic bottles be reused?In daily life, some beautiful plastic bottles or some of the more rigid plastic bottles are often used by consumers again, such as for water or oil. However, such seemingly "re-use of greener" behaviors can actually put you in a health trap.Food experts point out that p

  • The raw material problem facing plastic bottles?

    The raw material problem facing plastic bottles?To this day, we have a lot of plastic bottle companies who are completely dependent on the foreign trade market, which is not desirable. As an emerging economy, China's high-speed development, the market demand for plastic bottles is also increasing ye





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