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How do misters work?

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How do misters work?

Not all domiciliary sprays appear in cans. Some kitchen articles and perfumes appear in artificial or bottle containers with activate handles that accomplish an aerosol as you clasp them aback and forth. These sprays (which are alleged misters or atomisers) assignment in an absolutely altered way.

Cosmetic pump

Labelled photo showing how an aerosol mister spray works

The bottle contains only the liquid ingredient: there's no propellant at all. When you pump the trigger mechanism, you lower the air pressure in the tube running down into the bottle. Because there's air inside the bottle, at the top, the liquid is forced up the tube. The pump mechanism forces some of this liquid out through the tube into a much smaller nozzle, so it turns into a high-speed aerosol of tiny droplets.

The big advantage of misters is that they need no propellant, so they're safer to use. But they generally don't make such a fine or even spray as aerosol cans, so they're less suitable for products such as paint and polish. They also have to be pumped quite hard to get them going, so it can be quite hard to release small amounts of product with them.

You pump the activate up and down, banishment air (initially) from the nozzle.

The escape of air causes a abrupt bead in air burden at the top of the tube in the bottle. 

The air central the top of the canteen is at college burden than the air in the tube, so it pushes bottomward on the liquid. The aqueous is affected up the tube against the pump mechanism. 

The aqueous leaves as a accomplished brume of aerosol spray.




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