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Cosmetic packaging companies

A list of these Cosmetic packaging companies articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Cosmetic packaging companies, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Uses of activate aerosol bottles

    Trigger spray bottles are commonly used for many household, industrial and chemical products. For instance, many home cleaners for glass or metal, toilets, sinks and tiles may come in trigger spray bottles as do a range of gardening and lawn care products. If your product is suited for a trigger spr

  • How do misters work?

    How do misters work?Not all household sprays come in cans. Some kitchen products and perfumes come in plastic or glass containers with trigger handles that make an aerosol as you squeeze them back and forth. These sprays (which are called misters or atomisers) work in an entirely different way.Label

  • What is the preparation for the filling and packaging of cosmetics?(1)

    Cosmetic packaging! This name is the beginning of packaging materials really go to the consumer market, accept the end user inspection, but in this beginning to do a lot of preparation work belowPackage inspection before entering the workshop1, packaging materials collection, do not confuseCheck whe

  • IKEA-Yuyao Ruida's strategic partner

    IKEA-Yuyao Lucky Commodity Co., Ltd strategic partner

  • Do you know how to check out the quality problems of the coating parts?

    In cosmetics packaging material, surface treatment is a common process, because of environmental problems, lead to coating manufacturing once in trouble, but the process because the cost is low and the reason for the treatment effect is beautiful, is well received in the market and users, spraying p

  • LUCKY in Poland & Mexico

    Time:May 29 - May 31 , 2019 Jun. 04 - Jun. 06 , 2019、We,Yuyao Lucky Commodity Co.,Ltd., attended the China (Poland) Trade Fair 2019 during May 29-31,2019 & China (Mexico) Trade Fair 2019 during Jun. 04-06,2019.It was a grate pleasure that we met a lot of customers there,they showed the great in

  • NITORI, a Japanese furniture brand, came to our factory for inspection

    The day before yesterday, NITORI company, a Japanese furniture brand, sent factory inspectors to our company for a 2-day formal factory inspection. The factory inspectors confirmed the advantages of our current practical operation and management through the document system review and on-site review.

  • How brand owners can make their products stand out?

    How to make a good-looking package?





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