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How important is moisturizing in skin care?

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How important is moisturizing in skin care?

Moisturizing is the foundation of skin care. Any need for firmness and whitening should be placed after moisturizing.

Taking a layer of water is usually the first step in skin care after cleansing. Filling the stratum Cuticle with water can promote the absorption of subsequent products. When the skin is most moist, rub the ideal moisturizing product to maintain the ideal moisturizing effect on the skin surface. surroundings.

plastic spray bottle head

Spraying on skin care products is quite a lipstick to cosmetics. They are all high-frequency products, and it is common to buy them in overlapping or buy a lot of different types at once. Spray pump applications are also widely used, washrooms, pockets, outdoor, on the car, on the plane and so on.

Spray products, I usually use it after cleansing, before using the toner, or on the bedside. When the makeup is dry, it can also be sprayed to relieve the makeup after drying. In the summer, a bottle of cool spray pump head brings The sense of healing can really make people feel good.

What determines the quality of the spray?

Regardless of the type of spray, the actual effect is determined by the content "water" and the cosmetic nozzle/pump head.

The sprayer effect is also one of the selling points that spray products pay attention to, such as ultra-micro fog, fast spray moisturizing, fine and uniform, no dripping. Among them, the most important role is the cosmetic nozzle / pump head.

The plastic nozzle/pump head has a great influence on the state of the spray, the spray area and the sprayer effect. The good nozzle and the ordinary nozzle have a difference of several times to ten times in price.




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