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  • Why PET-type plastic beverage bottles can't hold hot water
    Why PET-type plastic beverage bottles can't hold hot waterBeverage bottles do not recycle with hot water  Use: heat-resistant to 70 degrees C, only suitable for warm drinks or frozen drinks, high temperature liquid, or heating is easy to deform, there is harmful substances to the human body meltout.
  • Process of plastic bottle gas-assisted injection molding
    Process of plastic bottle gas-assisted injection moldingThe process of gas-assisted injection molding of plastic bottles consists of three stages.The first stage is the melt injection. Fill the plastic melt into the plastic bottle cavity, the same as the traditional injection molding. However, so th
  • Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?
    Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?At present, the market of plastic bottles, a variety of plastic bottles have many, but the majority of consumers are also transparent plastic bottles of ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging containers, the vast m
  • Several factors affecting the transparency of PET transparent plastic bottles
    PET transparent plastic bottles are transparent packaging bottles and are the most widely used plastic packaging materials. It can be used for packaging of edible oils, condiments, alcohols, liquid detergents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other chemical products. The PET material has good transpar
  • What is the significance of packaging design?
    The so-called people rely on clothing, horses rely on the saddle, to be bright and attractive, they need good packaging. Of course, corporate culture and other products also need to rely on packaging, in order to better promote sales. So what is the significance of packaging design?
  • What is the preparation for the filling and packaging of cosmetics?(1)
    Cosmetic packaging! This name is the beginning of packaging materials really go to the consumer market, accept the end user inspection, but in this beginning to do a lot of preparation work belowPackage inspection before entering the workshop1, packaging materials collection, do not confuseCheck whe
  • Do you know how to check out the quality problems of the coating parts?
    In cosmetics packaging material, surface treatment is a common process, because of environmental problems, lead to coating manufacturing once in trouble, but the process because the cost is low and the reason for the treatment effect is beautiful, is well received in the market and users, spraying p
  • How important is moisturizing in skin care?
    Moisturizing is the foundation of skin care. Any need for firmness and whitening should be placed after moisturizing.Taking a layer of water is usually the first step in skin care after cleansing. Filling the stratum Cuticle with water can promote the absorption of subsequent products. When the skin
  • Will not be able to enter Tanzania with plastic products?
    A large number of abandoned plastic products can be seen everywhere in all kinds of public places. They come from industry and are made by human beings, but they are ultimately attributed to nature, which is not easy to be absorbed by nature, thus affecting the ecological environment of nature.After
  • Is one package enough to ruin the whole brand?
    Is one package enough to ruin the whole brand?Cosmetic packaging material is mainly plastic, glass, paper, metal, bamboo, ceramics, etc., by a single material or multi-material combination, after molding process, surface treatment after assembly, so as to form glass bottles, PET bottles, pumps and o
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