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Is it safe to bottle green beans in plastic?

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Is it safe to bottle green beans in plastic?

If the green beans in accordance with the usual placement in the plastic bag inside may be raw insects or will be affected by the tide, in the face of this situation, many people will choose to put green beans in the plastic bottle inside, then this put will be safe?


According to research experts, most of the beverage bottles are made of PET material, it is a polymer material, widely used in a variety of food packaging. These materials at low temperature non-toxic tasteless, beverageist is very safe for the human body, but once polyethylene is exposed to high temperature or exposure, it will slowly dissolve, releasing a harmful organic solvent to human health. No matter what plastic products, in the production process to add a variety of additives, such as light-resistant agents, smoothers and so on. These chemical components are toxic to the human body, if long-term use of plastic bottled rice, noodles, drinking water, oil, wine and other substances, easy to dissolve the internal harmful substances, so as to bring into the human body. In addition, the repeated use of mineral water bottles or beverage bottles, hygiene indicators are not up to, bacteria may multiply in the bottle. Therefore, it is safer to use glass bottled food.

In view of the above point of view, we still choose glass bottles when loading food is relatively safe.




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