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Is one package enough to ruin the whole brand?

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Is one package enough to ruin the whole brand?

Cosmetic packaging material is mainly plastic, glass, paper, metal, bamboo, ceramics, etc., by a single material or multi-material combination, after molding process, surface treatment after assembly, so as to form glass bottles, PET bottles, pumps and other packaging products.

Packaging material after molding, surface treatment and combination, forming products, because packaging products is a combination of a variety of equipment and artificial, so the product structure engineering determines the surface of packaging products and internal quality.


And wrap material to consumer, they ask a product to be able to behave by normal means only can, namely good-looking, easy to use, safe, easy to take, namely product exterior is good-looking, product is easy to open, content content is easy to take out, thing does not leak, weight size is appropriate, go out to use conveniently.

Is in easy to open the packaging containers with distributor, distributor to meet consumers conventional open torque moment, after many times is not easy to break, and open to use is the content of the question, the security is mainly contents not discharge, the same basic requirements, good take is the structure and form design of product size, need to consider the consumer object and usage scenarios, etc.

Security due to the packaging materials in a variety of direct contact with the cosmetics raw material contents directly associated with, as a result, the contents of a material and compatibility is very important, compatibility is mainly refers to the chemical compatibility and physical compatibility and biological compatibility, compatibility is bad, the effect of light product can't satisfy the user requirements, or lead to consumers have disfigured, in the news after application of cosmetic safety accidents caused by common consumers, in addition to the problem is the internal part of itself, compatibility of packaging material and the material is bad, lead to the variation of material, also is one of important factors, so it is very important to choose suitable for the safety of the packaging material.

Small package material is an important part of the cosmetics system and also an important embodiment of the cosmetics value chain. Its material, appearance, structure and function are all deeply related to the cosmetics brand. Therefore, a bad package will directly make consumers drop the positioning of the brand image. So we often say, do a brand not easy, destroy the image of a brand in consumer heart, a small package is enough.




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