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Making drink bottles makes your life more low-carbon

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Making drink bottles makes your life more low-carbon

Turn waste into one of the treasure series

146-640-640In summer, we more or less have to buy some drinks to drink, drink, the rest of the drink bottle how to do? Throw away? It is a pity to pollute the environment. Take it to sell scrap? It's not worth much. If you think, the beverage bottle to carry out a creative transformation, not only to reduce pollution, but also to facilitate our lives. How do you do it? The editor of this newspaper has found some tricks, you may as well try!

Hanger companion

Have you ever had the experience of picking up dried clothes and finding that the head of the rack picks out a tip from the shoulders of our shirts or sweaters and has to be ironed?

At this time, if you have two beverage bottles (about 500 ml), you can remove each beverage bottle above 2/5, and then vertically cut 3 cm or so of a mouth, in this incision end to cut a large hole in the soybean, put it into the two ends of the clothes rack, clothes rack just stuck in the hole, play a fixed role. Hang up your clothes again. The bottom of the drink bottle supports the sleeve of the garment, and the good clothes are very flat.

Wash towel dryer

After washing the dishes, the damp drips, if placed in the corner of the kitchen, will be unhygienic because of the moisture and hidden bacteria. If you have a 500 ml drink bottle in your home, you can solve this problem.

Cut each cut at 2/5 and 2/5, then buckle the mouth of the beverage bottle at the bottom 2/5 place, forming an open small can, can be washed towel, residual water flow down the mouth of the beverage bottle to keep it dry.


In life, when we put liquid, solid things in a bottle, there is one thing that cannot be separated from, it is a funnel. There is a drink bottle at home, cut off the upper part of the drink bottle, a funnel is done.

Hair retainer

Many housewives have a love of hook weaving, in the process of hook weaving, the most afraid of wool ball rolling around, winding what. A wool retainer made from beverage bottles can help you. Find a large Cola beverage bottle, cut off the top 2/5, carefully look at the following there is a slightly thin place, in a place in the thick place cut down, just buckle the above to the bottom, slightly decorated, is the wool fixer, put the wool into, the wire from the mouth of the bottle to wear out, buckle the upper part, the hair will not roll around. Especially the female friends who keep kittens at home must make one.

Miscellaneous classification grid

Cut the beverage bottle horizontally or vertically, then place it in the coffee table or drawer, or then use a wire rope to fix or decorate the cut drink bottle, needles, scissors, small medicine and other pieces can be stored in categories.

Room for bottles and grains

Salt, pepper, chicken essence and other ingredients how to prevent moisture and mold? Buy a dressing box, that's not going to cost you extra money?

The small beverage bottle tore off the original beverage label, labeled their own composition, neatly placed on the stove top, with a glance, how convenient!

At the same time, all kinds of grains can be placed in the bottle mouth relatively large drink bottle, and then placed in the kitchen drawer, neat and do not occupy the place, transparent beverage bottle let us see at a glance. If it's a non-transparent plastic bottle, you can make your own label and put it on it.

Hanging Surface Collection Bottle

General hanging noodles are wrapped in paper bags or plastic bags, if the opened noodles can not be eaten, long-term placement is easy to moisture, or even mold. With a drink bottle, the problem can be solved. Put the noodles into a large drink bottle, when open the lid upside down the back bar came out, is it very convenient?

Pump tray (barrel)

Is it very creative to make a tissue box with a drink bottle?

That's right! However, it is important to note first, be sure to wash the beverage bottle clean and dry. Then cut a long-overt mouth in the part of the bottle body, put the paper towel in, when used, from the long mouth can be extracted.

Or cut two large Coke bottles of the same size off about 1/5 of the bottom and select the lower half of the two bottles to continue making. Cut one of the bottoms of the bottle into a modest lying round, and then put the roll paper into a pump ingress cartridge that is stitched together at the bottom of the two bottles.

Watering flower spray pots

Use the red lead or wire after heating on the bottle cap, poke out some small holes, the bottle filled with water, pinch the bottle body can be poured.

Small vase

Cut off the large beverage bottle, put a few holes in the bottom of the bottle, fill the soil, and then buy some small flower seedlings in it, become a simple flower pot. When flowers are open, not only is fragrant and pleasant, but also through the bottle can see the roots of flowers crisscrossed in the earth, do not have a charm. At the same time can also be transparent drink bottle removal of the bottle mouth part, and then after the bottle simple decoration, filled with water, will buy flowers in the inside to preserve, but also very convenient.




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