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Plastic Pet Bottle Manufacture

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  • What are the main production processes for plastic bottles?

    There are two common types of plastic bottle production processes:The first is the extrusion process, that is, plastic raw materials into the extruder, after heating melting plastic extruded melting type blank, and then put into the bottle mold blowing molding, cooling after the formation from the m

  • What's the point of packing?

     At present, packaging has become a powerful marketing tool. Well-designed packaging can create convenient value for consumers and promotional value for producers. A variety of factors will promote the further development of packaging as a marketing tool in the application. As more and more products

  • Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?

    Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?At present, the market of plastic bottles, a variety of plastic bottles have many, but the majority of consumers are also transparent plastic bottles of ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging containers, the vast m

  • Material performance of thermoset plastic bottles?

    Material performance of thermoset plastic bottlesTypical thermoset plastic bottles are made of phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester, furan, polysilicon ether and other materials, as well as newer polyphenylated dichloroethylene plastics. They have the advantages of high heat resistance and

  • Plastic bottles are everywhere.

    Plastic bottles are everywhere In today's practical life, drinks, water, condiments, cooking oil, medicine and so on used in plastic packaging are some of the more common plastic bottles, this plastic bottle in the food industry is very practical. For different types of products, some plastic

  • Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic beverage bottles

    Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic beverage bottlesToday's beverage market, large department manufacturers use beverage packaging, the adoption of plastic materials, plastic beverage bottles are all over the choice. We all know that plastic materials are a lot of kinds, in fac

  • Making drink bottles makes your life more low-carbon

    Making drink bottles makes your life more low-carbonTurn waste into one of the treasure series  In summer, we more or less have to buy some drinks to drink, drink, the rest of the drink bottle how to do? Throw away? It is a pity to pollute the environment. Take it to sell scrap? It's not worth much.





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