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NITORI, a Japanese furniture brand, came to our factory for inspection

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The day before yesterday, NITORI company, a Japanese furniture brand, sent factory inspectors to our company for a 2-day formal factory inspection. The factory inspectors confirmed the advantages of our current practical operation and management through the document system review and on-site review.
Yesterday afternoon, the factory inspection personnel after the end of the review, held a summary meeting of the factory inspection, I took charge of the relevant departments attended the meeting. At the summary meeting, the factory inspector announced that our company had passed the factory inspection preliminarily, and combined with the actual situation of our company, gave Suggestions for improvement in the later stage.
Through this factory inspection activity, our company has a deeper understanding of the high requirements of Japanese market for product quality in all aspects, which also coincides with the practice and future development direction of our company.
Our company will follow the corporate values of "quality first, reputation first", the product philosophy of "self-inspection and mutual inspection to ensure zero defects of products", and the business philosophy of "product specialization to maximize the interests of customers" to implement the company's policy. Start from the details, tree corporate image, create "ruida" brand!

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