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Process of plastic bottle gas-assisted injection molding

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Process of plastic bottle gas-assisted injection molding

The process of gas-assisted injection molding of plastic bottles consists of three stages.

The first stage is the melt injection. Fill the plastic melt into the plastic bottle cavity, the same as the traditional injection molding. However, so that the melt is only filled with 60% to 95 latitudes of the cavity, the specific injection rice varies with the product.


The second stage is a gas injection. Put the high-pressure inert gas NZ into the human melt core, the front of the melt, driven by the gas rest pressure, continues to flow forward until the entire cavity is filled. The flow distance of the melt is significantly shortened when gas is injected. The melt injection pressure can be greatly reduced. The gas can be entered from the main channel or directly from the cavity by the injection element. Because the gas has the characteristic of always selecting the direction of the least resistance (high-stakes, low cat) penetration, it is necessary to design the gas channel in the mold.

The third stage is gas pressure protection, so that the plastic bottle in the maintenance of gas pressure to cool, further use of the gas allied the same-sex pressure characteristics in the production of uniform outward pressure. And through the gas expansion supplement due to the melt cooling solidification of the volume of contraction (secondary penetration), to ensure that the outer surface of the plastic bottle close to the mold wall.

Gas-assisted injection molding technology is mainly used in home appliances, automobiles, aerospace, office supplies and daily necessities. Its plastic bottleised into rod, plate, special shape three categories. Examples include a sling, an axe handle, a board-shaped car dashboard, a television case, a washing machine shell, large furniture, special-shaped car window slides, steering wheel, etc. For developed countries and regions to produce large thick-walled plastic bottles and special shape plastic bottles, gas-assisted injection molding has become an indispensable molding technology.




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