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Temperature analysis of plastic bottles in production?

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Temperature analysis of plastic bottles in production

There are many kinds of plastic bottle production, the temperature will follow the change in the production process, so let's give you a simple analysis of the key temperature:


(1) Melting temperature Tm in the production of plastic bottles:

According to crystalline polymers, most of these macromolecular chain structures are transformed between three-dimensional, remote and orderly processes, which are then transformed into a disordered, viscous state of temperature, which can also be a melting point. The molding of this crystalline polymer is based on the lower temperature limit of the processing.

(2) The glass temperature Tg in the plastic bottle:

For the designated unformed polymer is mainly based on the glass state of the transition process to high-bounce state, or can also be from the high-bounce state to the glass state between the automatic movement between the large molecules of the untrained polymer, the temperature is the lowest, which is of course the highest temperature in the work of the product.

(3) The temperature of non-flowing in the production of plastic bottles: for the highest temperature that does not flow, under certain pressure conditions, then a certain amount of plastic will be added directly to the upper end of the fluid instrument of the capillary tube, when heated at a certain temperature, after 10 minutes of constant temperature, in the process of pressurization, if this material does not flow out of the mold, After the discharge of the material to heat up to 10 degrees, after 10 minutes of insulation, the same size of pressure, so continue until the melting experience flowout from the mouth mold, for this time the temperature minus 10 degrees, this case is not flowing temperature.

(4) The temperature of the flow ingesting in the production process of plastic bottles Tf:

This temperature in the production process of plastic bottles refers to the non-stereotyped polymer to make a high-bounce transition, forming a viscous state of the temperature, this temperature is not a stereotyped plastic processing temperature lower limit.




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