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Will not be able to enter Tanzania with plastic products?

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Will not be able to enter Tanzania with plastic products?

A large number of abandoned plastic products can be seen everywhere in all kinds of public places. They come from industry and are made by human beings, but they are ultimately attributed to nature, which is not easy to be absorbed by nature, thus affecting the ecological environment of nature.

After the waste plastic packaging material enters the environment, it is difficult to degrade, resulting in long-term and deep-depth ecological environment problems. in that first place, the waste plastic package is mixed with the soil to affect the nutrient and the water absorption of the crop, and the yield of the crop is reduced;

Second, abandoned waste plastic packaging in land or water, swallowed by animals as food, resulting in animal death.

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Waste plastic packaging mixed with domestic waste is difficult to deal with: landfill treatment will occupy land for a long time, domestic waste mixed with plastic is not suitable for composting treatment, and the sorted waste plastic is difficult to recycle because it can not guarantee quality. These growing pollution problems have led Tanzania to strengthen the management of plastic packaging. The Office of the Vice President issued a notice on May 16, and the mainland of Tanzania will formally implement the plastic ban order on June 1, 2019. Prohibit the import, export, manufacture, sale, storage, supply and use of portable plastic bags of all thickness. violators may face fines or imprisonment, etc. Punishment. Plastic products and packaging involving medical services, industrial products, construction, agriculture, food, hygiene and waste disposal are not subject to restrictions.

At the same time, urge all foreign nationals to do not have hand-held plastic bags in hand-held or checked-in baggage or packaged in hand-held plastic bags when arriving in Tanzania, otherwise they will be required to hand in the relevant plastic bag products when entering Tanzania. A zip closure plastic bag specially designed to hold the toiletries may be allowed to enter, but is not allowed to be discarded and disposed of in the Tam.

If you are about to go to Tanzania, please pay attention to the details of the plastic ban order when entering the country, avoid carrying plastic bags in luggage or hand luggage, do not use plastic bags in Tanzania, so as not to be punished accordingly.




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