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Do you know how to check out the quality problems of the coating parts?

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Do you know how to check out the quality problems of the coating parts?

In cosmetics packaging material, surface treatment is a common process, because of environmental problems, lead to coating manufacturing once in trouble, but the process because the cost is low and the reason for the treatment effect is beautiful, is well received in the market and users, spraying process, in addition to plastic bottle, pump, cap and other products have a wide application, after the glass processing, is also one of the major surface treatment technology. In this paper, we share the common poor quality and corresponding inspection methods and means as spray products.


Spraying parts due to coating quality, equipment, personnel operation technology and other comprehensive factors, resulting in the following virtual spray, color difference, pinhole and other quality problems often appear, the specific quality problems are described as follows:

Paint point: the part of a coating that is thicker than the surrounding coating.

Vertical flow: after coating due to local spray paint amount is too large, the formation of droop strips.

Wrinkled skin: the creases on the coating due to poor fluidity of the coating.

Demarcation line is not clear: one kind or the boundary line of two kinds of paint of different color crisscross each other.

Pinholes: holes formed by the bursting of air bubbles during spraying. Exposed bottom: the part that should be sprayed is called exposed bottom.

Virtual spray: coating film thickness is too thin, you can see the base color parts.

Spray: part with uneven film thickness.

Sundries: the surface of the coating film is caused by impurity and dust.

Whitening: the surface of the coating film is like an air mist.

Dirt: a stain on a smooth surface, usually in an unclean environment.

Particles (dust spots) : small particles attached to the surface of spray coating.

Spalling: spalling of the coating on the surface of the coating.

Scratches: there are linear scratches on the surface of spraying layer.

Color difference: the color difference between the coating and the standard color plate or customer sealing sample

Crack: there are cracks on the surface of spraying layer

Gloss difference: coating surface gloss is not in the standard sample gloss

Inspection methods

1. Inspection method of appearance size and matching of size:

Measure the critical dimensions of the product with calipers, tool microscopes or projectors in strict accordance with the engineering drawings, and when there are special requirements for non-critical dimensions.

2, coating adhesion test

On the surface of the spraying layer, use the blade to draw a grid with row spacing and column spacing of 1mm, a total of 10 rows and 10 columns, just cut the spraying layer, and then use 3M adhesive paper to stick it on the surface, waiting for 1 minute, then tear it open quickly at a 45 degree Angle, and the spraying layer shall not fall off.

3. Hardness test of spraying layer

With HB pencil, do not sharpen, with the general handwriting strength and test surface into 45 degrees in the spray layer up once, and then clean with clean cloth with water after observation, the surface is only allowed to have a slight scratch, not cut, exposed.

4. Check the printing of words and patterns

Color: according to the color sample provided by the engineering department

Location: according to the requirements of the drawing surface, no deviation, blur, ghosting, pinhole, missing edge and other defects.

Contents: according to the requirements of engineering drawings

Adhesion: apply 3M adhesive paper to the printing surface, wait for 1 minute, then tear it off quickly at a 45 degree Angle without shedding. Also can use dustless cloth to dip appropriate industry alcohol, wipe 20 times back and forth in its surface, must not blur, fade




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