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How brand owners can make their products stand out?

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How brand owners can make their products stand out?

For young consumer groups, sometimes the love of cosmetic packaging, even more than the cosmetics itself. A lot of "shopaholic" often buy the product that does not need for a good-looking bottle. How brand owners make their products stand out on shelves and counters may be inspired by the "high appearance level" cosmetics package below.

1. Laduree blushes

La tully, an old French shop famous for macaron desserts, and Albion, a Japanese skin care brand, jointly launched a new makeup series "Les Merveil-leuses DE Laduree". Its cheek is red got rid of conventional boxed cake shape design, once petal modelling appears on the market, be acted up by colour makeup lover "it is the artwork that should be used to collect".

In addition to the petals blush, laduli summer 2015 limited blush packaging is also eye-catching. The limited-edition collection features a combination of three colours, representing fire, earth, air and water.


2. OS disposable cosmetics

Designers Wang Tzu Chi and Tsai Ning An invented a set of disposable cosmetics called OS in order to solve the problem caused by the bottles and cans. The essence of the makeup package is that each item is reduced to a single sheet of paper, including seven individual items: eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, foundation, blush, cream and lip gloss, each available in a variety of colors.

3. Edie's house ballet series

Ignited the girl's dream in female heart, the design of makeup of this limited edition series blended in "ballet" concept, will "girl" undertake after all. Its packaging design with tutu and lace elements, coupled with the peng skirt design of the painting, let some girls shouted "resistance instant collapse!"

4. Clinique crayon little fat series

Clinique's crayon fab line is currently available in lip gloss and eye shadow, which are designed to look like crayons rather than boxes. Its shape resembles the design of crayon pen head, make eye shadow color holds saturation concurrently and dizzy catch force. Lip gloss is also a crayon tip that can be used as a lip gloss or blush.

5. Yixin tang store pattern mask, SNP animal mask

The contest between face film brand, all the time with film paper ground and elite fluid serve as breach. And the design facial mask that the brand such as this shop of Japanese old inn yi tang, Korea SNP rolls out, regard as a kind of fashionable tide by the youth once roll out, became the regular guest in reality show program even. Mask stick is no longer the traditional white or black, but a lovely animal, cartoon, facial pattern. After 90 said, paste mask is no longer just pure skin care behavior, or can "mask face" selfie Po online interesting pastime.

VanderBurghChocolaadJheronimus Dutch chocolate brand on the packaging of extensive use of the surrealist painter, painting, the latter style unique, strangeness, but make you impressed in his imagination. With this kind of packaging, you're really turning the store into an art gallery.




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