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Plastic bottles are everywhere.

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Plastic bottles are everywhere.

In today's practical life, drinks, water, condiments, cooking oil, medicine and so on used in plastic packaging are some of the more common plastic bottles, this plastic bottle in the food industry is very practical. For different types of products, some plastic packaging materials, soft and hard degree is also different, just like beverage plastic bottles, its plastic packaging material is relatively soft, but also some plastic packaging bottles with certain functions or some can be recycled are generally more rigid material plastic bottles. Are the same material plastic bottles, due to the different degrees of hard and soft so that many customers have questioned the quality of the product.


According to the introduction of relevant professionals, the natural microorganisms, water, light, atmosphere, foreign objects, etc. can not enter the plastic bottle and want to contact with drugs. The stability or efficacy of many foods, medicines and health products will change with the entry of these foreign bodies. For example, some solid solvents due to long-term moisture caused by mold deterioration phenomenon is also often present, some liquid-type items are sometimes affected by some media or factors can also lead to fermentation. In the face of these phenomena, the main treatment methods have the following: for the treatment of plastic bottles of health care products, should be used not to make the inside of the container drugs penetrate out. With the inductive power of osmosis pressure infection, another aspect of separation and movement is desired, so that the volatile solution will spread between the molecules in the container wall, and seriously the plastic can be smelled from the outside of the package.

In the pharmaceutical plastic bottle must have a beautiful appearance of a sufficient stiffness, can be in the advantages of the appearance to make consumers feel a bright eye, to ensure that consumers can use adequate use and selectivity. In terms of the use of functions, the stiffness of the round plastic bottle is relatively good, but the shape is not very beautiful, in the molding process of the plastic bottle wall thickness uniform degree is not easy to control.




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