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The raw material problem facing plastic bottles?

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The raw material problem facing plastic bottles?

To this day, we have a lot of plastic bottle companies who are completely dependent on the foreign trade market, which is not desirable. As an emerging economy, China's high-speed development, the market demand for plastic bottles is also increasing year by year, and the international market in addition to Europe and the United States and other traditional markets, although the economic downturn, but the demand for plastic bottles is still huge.


It has become a common understanding to solve the problem of plastic bottle raw materials. First of all, we will think of plastic bottle recycling technology, that is, plastic bottle recycling cleaning slices and reuse as raw materials. This not only reduces dependence on oil, but also further addresses accusations that plastic bottles pollute the environment and cannot be broken down.

But recycling is far from a substitute for new demand, and eventually, once the oil runs out, plastic bottles are still 'no rice pot'. Second, in recent years, some companies have begun to adopt biology as raw materials for plastic bottles, which seems to be the solution, but with the global population explosion, relying on biological as a raw material plastic bottle is worrying, will eventually compete with humans for food space.

And in bottle design, the domestic bottle-type designers are few, more plastic bottle shape is not in fact a full-time designer design, but copy imitation. We found that all bottles, shampoo bottles and other formats of different shapes tend to look the same. It seems that as long as the trademark is not cloned, bottle-shaped plagiarism can be 'bright and honest' to carry out. At home, few manufacturers will patent the bottle structure, and there are no very specific regulations to regulate this market.




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