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What is the preparation for the filling and packaging of cosmetics?(1)

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What is the preparation for the filling and packaging of cosmetics?(1)

Cosmetic packaging! This name is the beginning of packaging materials really go to the consumer market, accept the end user inspection, but in this beginning to do a lot of preparation work below.


Package inspection before entering the workshop

1, packaging materials collection, do not confuse

Check whether the packaging materials are disinfected, whether they are consistent with the online production plan on the same day, and whether there are any mixed materials and poor incoming materials. When similar packing materials are produced at the same time, separate two kinds of packing materials should be required to avoid appearing on the same assembly line at the same time to ensure no confusion during filling. Before the packaging materials are put into the workshop, the appearance shall be re-inspected at least 30pcs/ batch.

2. Check the packing materials as follows:

Packaging accessories: color, shape, specification, material must be consistent with the confirmation of the board, the appearance of no bad phenomenon.

Suitability of packing material: according to the confirmation board, it shall be well matched, and there shall be no obvious gap, slip, leakage, loose cover, loose cover and other abnormal phenomena.

Net content: more than the required quantity and appearance of the packaging label.

The content, specification, color and position of the product stickers and printing shall meet the requirements of the sample, and the appearance shall be defective.

The product arrangement and packing method shall meet the sample requirements.

The names of cartons and cartons shall be the same.

The following conditions shall not occur: color difference/fading, poor printing, code spraying, anti-counterfeiting standard, material body impurities, cleanliness, cracking, scratch/speckle, bubbles, blasting tail, poor coordination, capacity, product arrangement, scratch, leakage, pifeng, inner hair/mosquito/insect




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