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What's the point of packing?

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What's the point of packing?

At present, packaging has become a powerful marketing tool. Well-designed packaging can create convenient value for consumers and promotional value for producers. A variety of factors will promote the further development of packaging as a marketing tool in the application. As more and more products are sold in supermarkets and discount stores, they are self-service. Now, packaging must perform many sales tasks. Packaging has many meanings.

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1. Protect goods for easy storage and transportation. The most basic function of product packaging is to protect the goods, easy to store and transport. Effective product packaging can play a moisture-proof, heat-proof, anti-cold, anti-volatile, anti-pollution, preservation, fragile, anti-deformation and other series of protection products. Therefore, in the product packaging, pay attention to the choice of product packaging materials and packaging technology control.

2. Packaging attracts attention, describes the characteristics of the product, gives consumers confidence, and creates a favorable overall impression. Growing consumer wealth means that consumers are willing to pay more for the convenience, appearance, reliability and prestige that good packaging brings. Companies and brand companies have realized the enormous role of designing well-designed packaging, which helps consumers quickly identify which company or brand. Each film buyer can immediately identify the well-known yellow-colored packaging of the "Koda" film.

3. Packaging also offers opportunities for innovation. The innovation of packaging can bring great benefits to consumers and bring profits to producers. In 1899, Unida Biscuits developed a packaging with a preservation device (cardboard, internal paper wrap, outer paper wrap), so that the shelf life of biscuits is longer than cookie boxes, cookie boxes and cookie barrels. Craft Foods has developed a listening mixed cheese that extends the shelf life of the cheese and has earned the company a "reliable" reputation. Currently, the company is experimenting with bactericidal pouches, containers made of metal-mixed plastic and cans. Some companies first attract many new customers by placing soft drinks in cans with a lid, or putting liquid spray in a button-down can. Now, winemakers are experimenting with packaging forms such as lid-on cans and cartons.




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