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  • ​Knowledge of the material and recycling of beverage bottles

    Knowledge of the material and recycling of beverage bottlesChina's current consumption of pet plastic beverage bottles is very high, waste pet beverage bottle recycling, not only can reduce environmental pollution, but also can be turned into waste treasure. But only a few are used, and the rest are

  • Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?

    Why most of the plastic bottles on the market are transparent plastic bottles?At present, the market of plastic bottles, a variety of plastic bottles have many, but the majority of consumers are also transparent plastic bottles of ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging containers, the vast m

  • Does the moisturizing spray bottle have a great effect on the moisturizing effect of the face? ?

    Many girls have the habit of using moisturizing sprays. The usage is also very simple and convenient. Just a gentle spray on the face can alleviate the various water shortages and dryness problems on our skin. It seems that many crushes are inseparable. Use a moisturizing spray to get skin care. How

  • How to quickly clean the fish tank with a plastic bottle?

    How to quickly clean the fish tank with a plastic bottle?Friends who like to raise fish know that every once in a while to clean up the fish droppings in the tank. Recently, some netizens put forward a convenient and quick way online, saying that as long as you use an empty plastic bottle can quickl

  • PP bottles are such a big benefit to us?

    PP bottles are such a big benefit to us?First, PP bottle light weight, not easy to break, collision resistance, storage, transport convenience.Second, PP bottle chemical properties are stable, non-soluble, do not shed chips, and the liquid does not have a chemical reaction, no adsorption of the drug

  • How to fix the soap dispenser?

    How to fix the soap dispenser?Is your soap dispenser pump broken? The soap dispenser is a fairly reliable device. When you press the finger pump, the soap flows out of the nozzle and the pump automatically retracts for the next cycle. But sometimes there will be problems in the pump. When the pump i

  • Atomizing spray nozzle manufacturer to you introduction atomizing fan nozzle?

    What is the anatomy and assumption of the atomizing fan nozzle? Atomization aerosol nozzles architect introduces atomization fan nozzles? Atomizing aerosol nozzles are used. Today we are acclimated to introducing the characteristics and advantages of one of the atomizing fan nozzles in atomizing aer

  • Several factors affecting the transparency of PET transparent plastic bottles

    PET transparent plastic bottles are transparent packaging bottles and are the most widely used plastic packaging materials. It can be used for packaging of edible oils, condiments, alcohols, liquid detergents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other chemical products. The PET material has good transpar

  • What is the significance of packaging design?

    The so-called people rely on clothing, horses rely on the saddle, to be bright and attractive, they need good packaging. Of course, corporate culture and other products also need to rely on packaging, in order to better promote sales. So what is the significance of packaging design?

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